Posted by: catamarantwooceans | December 16, 2013

Land Tour from Richards Bay

Maintenance is still with us! Details will follow shortly.

14.12.13 – Saturday – With no boat jobs planned for the weekend, we reserved a chalet at the Hilltop resort in Hluhluwe (pronounced Shushluwe) Game Park, about 45 km from Richards Bay, rented a car and drove there.

Before getting to the resort we drove around the park, seeing a lot of animals and enjoying the scenery.

IMG_4005 - Copy_thumb[1]

IMG_3992 - Copy_thumb[1]

After we were settled in our room, we took a three hours evening guided safari. On the first hour we didn’t see much (some Dung Beetles were the highlight) but then the animals started showing up. We saw a lot of Buffalos, Rhinoceros and a family of Baboons.

IMG_4001 - Copy_thumb[1]

15.12.13 – Sunday – We woke up early and at 0500, with thick fog enveloping the area, Five minutes away from the resort, still on the paved road, we encountered a big elephant, who blocked the way; he demonstrated eating breakfast, drinking and then leaving a big pile of dung and a large pool of piss behind him.

IMG_4038 - Copy_thumb[1]

As he went along we followed. At one point, perhaps feeling we were encroaching on his space, he turned around and came back at us in a menacing way. I was lucky to get this on video.

Look it up on Youtube at

After that he graciously vacated the road, letting us continue with our Safari. The fog dispersed and the animal show was on; antelopes, buffalo, more rhino, giraffe and many birds made the trip a memorable experience.

IMG_4049 - Copy_thumb[1]

IMG_4047 - Copy_thumb[1]



  1. What a wonderful experience after the sea, fish and jungle islands. am green with envy.
    Do you need crew. We know a young skipper who is looking for a leg!

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