Posted by: catamarantwooceans | December 24, 2013

Sailing from East London to Port Elizabeth

22.12.13 – Sunday – Keeping a close watch on the weather, we decided to go on to Port Elizabeth, about 140 miles away. Still under the impression of the mighty current that pushed us along on the previous leg, we set out at 1400, estimating arrival in the morning. At the beginning there was no wind at all; we motored using one engine and charging our new battery bank. After living with half the capacity and the old, unsuitable units for so long, the new ones were a blessing. Going by the vendor’s recommendations I let them go down to half their total amperage before charging and they never went below 12.1 volt.

When we reached 12 miles off shore the current appeared and with a 10 knots wind gave us an S.O.G of 9 knots. Later the wind petered out, the boat doing 2 knots on the water but still a 5-6 knots S.O.G.

The South African sea-life presented itself, dolphins stopping their hunt and coming to see us, gannets flying all around us, performing spectacular dives, folding their wings just before hitting the surface to catch a fish.

IMG_3393 - Copy

IMG_3525 - Copy

pics by Menachem Sagiv

We had a vegetarian dinner (veg curry) and started our customary 2.5 hours watches.

23.12.13 – Monday – When I took the watch from Dany at 0430, we were motoring using the port engine. Looking around the boat it seemed as if the water flow out of the exhaust was insufficient. Checking the engine room did not reveal any signs of overheating, however, I decided to get to the bottom of it. I started using the starboard engine and dove into the port engine compartment. Checked salt water filter – O.K. Took off the salt water pump – impellor is in good condition; is it the pipe then? I dismantled it and found out it had a kink in one section. Luckily I had a spare, replaced it and the water flow came back to normal. 90 minutes in and out of the engine room and by then we were one hour away from port.

The nature show continued with a seal and a couple of penguins showing up.

IMG_3562 - Copy

Calling port control we were told to wait outside until a big bulk carrier went out of the harbour; after that we went in and found a place on the walkway of Algoa Bay Yacht Club.

Downloading the latest weather data we saw that we would have to stay in Port Elizabeth until next Sunday. We’ll rent a car and go to the Addo Elephant park.


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