Posted by: catamarantwooceans | December 28, 2013

Another maintenance story

26.12.13 – Thursday -  Yesterday evening, after coming back from the park tour, as I was making an omelet for supper, the gas flame extinguished. Bottle finished, I changed to the full bottle and continued cooking. I thought I smelled gas but as it disappeared rather quickly I simply dismissed it. This morning, operating the hob brought the smell back.

Having gas on board has its dangers; leaking gas, heavier than air, will sink and fill the bilge, becoming a potential fire bomb. Quite a few boats were severely damaged that way, sometimes with fatalities. We didn’t want to join that statistic. The system on Two Oceans has manual shutoff valves near the top and the oven and a solenoid operated SOV near the gas bottle. By operating them and sniffing the areas the gas pipe goes through, we determined that the leak was in the supply pipe.

We went around the yacht club asking people about a gas technician; a gentleman on a yacht called "Bee Haven" said there was a French guy named Guy Fabre, who could do the job and called him on the phone. Guy agreed to come next morning and have a look.

27.12.13 – Friday – Guy came very early, surveyed the system and together we agreed that the best course of action would be to change the entire length of the pipe. Pipe and fittings bought, he started working with us assisting; we extracted the pipe, discovering horrible corrosion and a big hole.

IMG_4123 - Copy

The pipe is 8 mil so the hole must be at least 2 mm. Frightening!

After overcoming a few problems, the system was operational again. While he worked on the boat, his wife, Marie Claude, took Menachem and Dany in their car to do some shopping. Having learned that he also worked on engines, I asked him to take a look at my seized port engine cutoff switch and he fixed that too. He also does aluminum and stainless steel welding as well electrical repairs. A man of all trades! He impressed me as a knowledgeable, reliable and a very nice man. Guy Fabre – his telephone is 0839232465.

At the end of the day, accompanied by Marie Claude, he brought a certain part he machined for me; We invited them to come aboard for a beer and spent some lovely time . in their company.

IMG_3880M - Copy (2)

                            Guy and Marie Claude


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