Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 28, 2014

Land Tour from Walvis Bay

27.1.14 – Monday – We did a land tour with “Sandwich Harbour Tours” which also has a company  of Catamaran Charters, the “Oceans” restaurant and the Jetty Shop. They took us on Land Rovers 4×4 to Pelican Point (Flamingos, Jackals and a lot of Fur Seals) and then to Sandwich Harbour and the dunes around it. There was some thrilling dune driving; going down a dune with 20 degrees incline that looked like 60 was something I never experienced before. I took a short video of going down a dune; you can see it here:

The pictures will tell the tale.

עותק של IMG_4366

IMG_4375 - Copy

IMG_4389 - Copy

IMG_4414 - Copy

Sandwich Harbour

IMG_4554 - Copy

Climbing an 85 meters dune

IMG_4399 - Copy

IMG_4433 - Copy

                            Some flora

IMG_4424 - Copy

Seal’s skull

IMG_4432 - Copy

Fuel pump overheat


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