Posted by: catamarantwooceans | February 10, 2014

Short Update

9.2.14 – Sunday – Two Oceans has reached the island of St. Helena. We left Namibia on January 30th for the 1222 miles trip. On the second day we caught our biggest fish ever – a yellowfin tuna of 16 kg, a lot of food for the crew. We had reasonable winds for the first six days but then they became light and on the last two and a half days we had to motor a lot arriving at the St. Helena moorings area at 1800 on Friday, February 7th.

The town did not change a bit since I’ve been here four years ago. There is no cellular phone system here and the available internet is slow, unreliable and expensive; not good enough for uploading large files.


We plan to leave for Ascension Island on Tuesday, a trip of about five days and hopefully be able to publish from there. Brazil is next… but I’ll write about that on the next update.

Until then – Adios from Miki and Dany on Two Oceans!


This update was sent by Iridium email and posted by Nogah, my Californian daughter. Thanks Nogs!



  1. Miki/Dany; congratulations! Sounds fun. Good luck with the next leg of your journey…..Ken

  2. Good to hear. Great pictures. waiting to hear more when you get nearer to an internet connection. Best wishes for smooth sailing.


  3. thumb up!!

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