Posted by: catamarantwooceans | May 28, 2014

Back on the boat

On May 14th I returned to Grenada. I found that in my absence the boat was moved to make space for another yacht, which is O.K, but whoever did it tied my front starboard line in a way that made it chaff and damage the bow’s gelcoat. Davide, the marina’s manager promised to repair it. There were some other maintenance issues and in the days that followed I tackled them one by one.

Gelcoat job done, I left the marina for the anchorage, where I spotted a yacht with the unusual name:"El Shaddai"; no, this is not something in Spanish, this is one of the names of God in the Bible, interpreted as God the One or God the Provider. I spoke to the couple on board and they confirmed they knew the name’s meaning.

IMG_4858 - Copy

"Turbulence" sail-makers and riggers also do electrical work. Their chief electrician, Sheldon, is so busy that it took three days to get him to fix the electricity supply to the starboard engine bilge pump and salon fans. They charge 150$ EC an hour ( about 55 U.S) for his services. Luckily for me I did myself one job that was meant for him – replacing the faulty pressure switch on the port sweet water pump.

A pleasant surprise was to find out that Pierre Ives of yacht Umido did free yoga classes Mondays and Thursdays. I watched him  during one session and decided to join. At home I do Iyengar yoga while he does Hata yoga; I really enjoy both.

20120912_085359 - Copy

           doing Yoga in Israel

On Saturday I went out of the bay to go trolling and shake the rust off myself and the boat. Going close to the wind to reach the end of the island’s shelf was "shake, rattle and roll" sailing but then I turned back and the going became smooth. I also caught a small barracuda.

I entered the Hog island anchorage where a great number of yachts were at anchor. Once again I noticed a strange name on a catamaran – "Bagalut"; in Hebrew it means"in the diaspora"; no one was on her so I couldn’t verify the Jewish connection or its meaning in some other language.

IMG_4863 - Copy

27.5.14 – Tuesday – Yesterday I saw a Wharram cat come in and anchor near me. Hey! I met them in Israel before going to South Africa for the South Atlantic crossing. They are Linda and Yevgeny and their yacht is a 42 feet Pahi named EBO. Yevgeny added a large salon to the original design.

IMG_4866 - Copy

Gili is coming tomorrow evening; we’ll stay in Grenada a few days and then go to Bonaire.



  1. The Bagalut is a German home-built alloy catamaran from close to Hamburg, Germany. I found two mentions in some blogs, but no further information.

    Have a great trip!

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