Posted by: catamarantwooceans | June 2, 2014

Sailing in Grenada with Gili

29.5.14 – Thursday – Gili flew in yesterday evening. I did most of the necessary shopping for the next few days, so we could take the boat to True Blue bay, east of Prickly, just for the sake of variety.

30.5.14 – Friday – The idea was to let Gili gain her sea-legs gradually by sailing short distances before going to Bonaire, which is 410 miles away. In the morning we reentered Prickly bay, tied up in the marina’s fuel dock and filled the tanks with water and diesel. Then sailed to Halifax harbour, a distance of 12 miles. Halifax is a small bay, over which high power electricity line were strung; we decided not to check whether our mast was lower and anchored to seaward. On the southern corner we could see a motor vessel  and a sailing yacht hard aground.

IMG_4867 - Copy

31.5.14 – Saturday – 15 miles to Ile de Ronde were a bit rough. We were sailing close-hauled, with full sails against 20 knots of true wind, which from time to time increased and caused the apparent wind to jump to 32 knots. I put in first reef, but we were still making spectacular splashes crashing into the waves.

We reached Ile de Ronde, finding a place in the bay on its northwest. I dived to check the anchor and made sure it was well dug in sand. Later in the evening gusts passed the 20 knots mark, so I let out more chain and watched the plotter position to make sure we were not dragging. I tried fishing and succeeded taking a disgusting moray eel which I hurriedly cut off. One of the gusts took a bowl I used for the bait and sent it flying, sinking to the bottom.  "I’ll retrieve it tomorrow" I boasted.

1.6.14 – Sunday – I did not sleep well that night, unsure about the anchor. At 0200 I checked our position and it was fine. At first light, 0545, I looked outside, saw that the wind changed direction and was sure we dragged some. Checking the plotter, I found out our position was 150 feet from the last one I took! I could not understand when and how it happened. Seeing that we were in no immediate danger of hitting anything, I went into the water to see the anchor. Surprise! It was on a rocky bed, nothing like the bottom I dropped it initially. I swam the 50 meters and found my lost bowl…

Quick breakfast and out we went to Tyrrel bay in Carriacou. Another cat was further north in the bay and the grass seemed greener at his position. The dome you see on the left is the top of a small island called "Kick’em Jenny" which is also the name of an underwater volcano to it southwest.

IMG_4873 - Copy

Tyrrel bay didn’t change much from what it looked like seven years ago; a lot of yachts at anchor and a houseboat built on a trimaran’s hulls was still there. Checking the weather we understood that we should start out to Bonaire A.S.A.P as relatively strong winds will develop there on Thursday. Bonair is 410 miles away so if we left early tomorrow we might just make it Wednesday evening.

IMG_4877 - Copy

                          Boats in Tyrrel bay

There is a Customs and Immigrations office near the boatyard and we were happy to find out it was open and departure procedures were quickly concluded. We wanted to do some shopping, especially fruit and veg. It being a Sunday, the local greengrocer was closed and none of the open minimarkets had them; so we took a taxi, driven by a guy named "Bubbles" to Hillsborough, buying from stalls on the way and in town. When we came back we saw a stall with all we needed; the lady in charge opened it 30 minutes too late!

So, tomorrow we’ll set sail to Bonaire, from which the next post will, hopefully come. Until then – Adios from Gili and Miki on Two Oceans.


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