Posted by: catamarantwooceans | June 6, 2014

Sailing from Carriacou to Bonaire

2.6.14 – Monday – We left Tyrrel bay around 0630. Our hope was to get to Bonaire on Wednesday; our concern was centered on the possibility of strong winds on the approach to that island. In any case the wind was to come from the east, right from astern, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Wing and wing we sailed west at a good rate. When evening came we lowered the main to first reef, just for comfort and peace of mind.

3.6.14 – Tuesday – 24 hours run – 186 n.m. During the day the wind went down in a way that had us questioning whether we will reach our destination in daylight. We didn’t have to worry; evening brought 25 knots and a very fast ride. We were sailing north of the islands of Venezuela, keeping our distance. Too many reports regarding violent crime against yachties preclude the potential beautiful cruise in those islands.

As we went into our watch system, with me doing the 2100-0100 one, the wind and sea changed gear; Two Oceans started surfing down waves in an alarming way. During the night we went down gradually to second reef, still sailing at 8 knots and more.

4.6.14 – Wednesday – In the morning the seas built even more; main reefed to 3rd position with wind seesawing from 15 to 36 knots. Rough ride! 24 hours run – 167 n.m. At 1300 we reached Lacre Punt, the southern point of the Bonaire and soon hid behind it from the waves; the wind remained strong. In Bonaire there is no anchoring, moorings are provided and cost 10$ a day.

IMG_4887 - Copy

We decided to go into Harbor Village marina for at least a day, until we get organized in the new place. Not a lot of boats in that marina and the cost explains it.  1$ per foot per day for a mono, 1.5 for multihulls.

Getting into the berth allocated to us, a man came and told Gili that we had a rope dangling in the water; Gili passed the message to me in Hebrew and then the guy identified himself as an Israeli. Shay Simon, his wife Orly, sons David (Dudu) 11, Ben not yet 4 and daughter Gali, 9 years of age, chartered a yacht in the BVI for 18 months (!) planning to sail around the Caribbean.

IMG_4889 - Copy


they had the misfortune of having their dinghy and its outboard motor stolen, the safety wire cut by the thieves. The dinghy was found later on Klein Bonaire, the small island near the big one. They ordered a new outboard and are waiting for its delivery.               What a nice family!

5.6.14 – Out of the marina we took a mooring in front of Friends of Bonaire dive club. It’s quiet here and we could snorkel right off the boat, seeing all sorts of fish and coral.

We’ll stay here a few more days, diving, snorkeling and going to Washington Slagbaai park.


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