Posted by: catamarantwooceans | June 22, 2014


I actually planned to publish this a few days ago but internet in Seru Boca marina is not that great yet. So here it is.

17.6.14 – Tuesday – We spent a few days in Piscadera. We did not go further northwest, thinking about the need to go back to Spanish Waters, against the strong wind and the rough seas. On Sunday we motored to Fuik bay, hoping for a quiet day there. We had a visit from the coast guard, who came to check our papers.

IMG_4930 - Copy

As the hours advanced more and more motor boats came in, most of them sporting a number of huge outboard engines as well as very powerful sound systems which they used nonstop, playing Techno, or whatever that hideous noise is called.

IMG_4935 - Copy

The one at the right of the pack has three 300 h.p motors, a case of "mine is bigger" if I ever saw one.

On Monday morning we motored back to Spanish and utilized the supermarket free shuttle to go shopping. "Budget Marine" is next door and we purchased a lot of stuff we needed including a new pressure switch for the salt water pump. I have a feeling that all pump manufacturers get the pressure switches from the same factory in China, where they make low quality products. This is the second pressure switch I had to replace in a relatively new pump in the last few months. Shopping over, we went back to Fuik; sharing the now quiet bay with a German/Austrian couple, Peter and Helga, on board a Dean 365 catamaran.

IMG_4932 - Copy

This morning we came into Seru Boca marina. After we were nicely secured in our berth, Robert, the marina’s manager, requested that we move to another one. Right then the wind started gusting fiercely; we did a few approaches and aborted them, passing too close for comfort to the yacht we were supposed to share a bay with. Once that was over, the "clean the boat" project went under way. Gili is flying home tomorrow; I will stay a few more days, go to California to see my family there and then home.

We expected much more from the BC; I don’t suppose the A, Aruba, will be any better. We’ll plan the next leg, in September – October, accordingly.


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