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More sailing in Panama

28.12.14 – Sunday – We had an early wakeup in order to be on shore at 0600 for the flight out.  I  had to make two ROWING trips to bring my passengers and their luggage to the airport; rowing – because my outboard would only go into reverse gear. I think that when the impeller was replaced, Greg did not tighten whatever connects the gear handle to the rod moving the gears. After the airplane took off I waited for Sr. Lopez, the harbor master, to open his office and give me the Zarpe to Colon. Regular Zarpe costs 1.5$; weekend one – 37$. By the time he was finished it became clear I couldn’t leave before 0900, which would make an arrival at my destination for the day, the island of Linton 44 miles away, too close to sunset. I also felt very tired and a bit sick with cold and a bad cough and so decided to take a day off in Chichime, which is very beautiful and very calm; it wasn’t even crowded as it usually is.

IMG_0058 - Copy

29.12.14 – Monday – At 0700 I went out, full sails in 20 knots of wind and we were flying. It was even too fast to troll. about 5 miles to go the wind moderated and the lure went into the water. In less than 15 minutes I had a fish on board, a meal for three people. Yes, we are going to be three on the 31st, when Doron and his daughter Tova will join for two weeks. Doron sailed on "Two Oceans" twice before. He lives with his wife Cindy on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Tova is their eldest; she is one semester short of graduating from college and a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, majoring in photography. She has a website which is well worth looking at. I’m sure we’ll have great fun together.

I went into the Isla Linton anchorage and was surprised by the great number of yachts there. Panama has become crowded with yachts and no wonder, it is simply a beautiful place for cruising.

30.12.14 – Tuesday – Sailing downwind is fast and easy; I reached Shelter Bay marina four hours after leaving Linton (24 miles). At noontime it was too hot to do any work, but later in the day I tackled a few jobs and washed the boat.

31.12.14 – Wednesday – At 0700 Doron and Tova arrived, after a long bus trip from Costa Rica and a taxi ride from Panama City. Although understandably very tired, Doron wanted to see what the problem with the outboard was. Doron, whose mechanical skills I envied for many years, found the reason for the malfunction and in a few minutes repaired it!

IMG_0059 - Copy

IMG_0060 - Copy

We wanted to take the regular 1245 marina bus into town to arrange the Zarpe for San Blas and to do shopping for the next two weeks.  But December 31st is not a regular day and the bus did not run. We were lucky to take a taxi that was hovering around the marina, a 40 years old Toyota, which had parts falling off if you exerted any force operating them. Windows were opened by a handle that the driver pulled out of its hiding and passed from him to the passengers. None of the instruments worked but the driver drove just like a Formula One top contender.

We got to the Harbor Master office in one piece to find the place empty. Outside the building one of the officers, whom I recognized from my previous experience there, consented to come with us to the office. After pondering the issue for a few minutes he decided that instead of filling up forms we should just go to San Blas with whatever papers we had. I gave him a  present for he New Year; Thanks Captain Louis!

The situation in the Rey supermarket was also influenced by the holiday. It was bursting with customers and the lines were long. We manages to get all the stuff we needed and took a taxi back to the marina.

The first day of the New Year will see us going back in the direction of Kuna Yala. This is the time for me to say:"Happy New Year" to everybody!



  1. happy birthday to you Miki from Zulu & Miri
    Go on be cool and choose good and healthy life(:
    Love you

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