Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 8, 2015

A short report

7.9.15 – Monday – I‘ve been at home for about two month; normally at that stage I go back to the boat but future plans dictate otherwise – explanation to follow. During my time at home I did a few things around the house, went to Yoga classes and together with Gili took a few SUP lessons. SUP (stand up paddling board) is not so easy to master; we are thinking of buying an inflatable one for “Two Oceans”.

Feeling the need to go to sea for a while, I sailed to Cyprus with my friends, Ilana and Moshe Navot, on their Beneteau 45 “Imagine” .

20150904_173557 - Copy

We went out of Herzlia marina to Limasol and then back via the port of Haifa. On the first leg we motored against the wind and sea, on the second we motored as there was no wind to speak of and the compensation was the leg from Haifa to Herzlia, where we had 10-12 knots from the starboard quarter and had a lovely sail. Seven miles to the marina we caught a nice spanish mackerel.


The fish got wild as we hoisted it on board and in the melee one of the hooks found Yuri’s foot and entered deep below the skin. Luckily the lure parted from the wild fish which was quickly neutralized. Yuri was in pain and I was the only one who knew how to take the barbed hook out. You can’t pull it back because the barb will do a lot of damage on its way out. You have to push it further in until the hook and barb go out, cut the barbed tip off and only then pull it back out.

I explained all this to Yuri, who agreed to the procedure. After cleaning the area with medicinal alcohol, I instructed Yuri to holler and at the same time pushed the hook out.


I was unable to cut the hook with the cutter we had on board and instead filed the barb until the hook was smooth and then extracted it painlessly. During the “operation” Moshe motored at high speed to the marina; Yuri was taken to a clinic, given an anti-tetanus shot and had his wound dressed.

Yuri is not a young man; born in 1930 (yes!) he displays unbelievable energy and stamina, going sailing with various people all over the world. He really is an inspiration. Moshe and Ilana did not want to take the fish home, so I volunteered and invited all the crew to our home for a fish dinner.


                                          Yuri at our home

Now for our sailing plans: I’ll fly back to Panama on October 7th, Danny Lanis, who sailed with me long distances in the past will join. We’ll sail in Panama until the beginning of November when Gili will join us for a trip to the Bahamas via Providencia, Grand Cayman and Cuba. After a short stay in the Bahamas I’ll leave the boat in Fort Lauderdale for two months.


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