Posted by: catamarantwooceans | November 30, 2015

Mexico–November 2015–part 2

28.11.15 – Saturday – Thursday and Friday passed with no change in the meteorological conditions. We once walked to Puerto Morelos town and had lunch in a beach restaurant called “Mercadito”; it helped pass the time but we still felt trapped. Today it was time for Gili to fly back home. What a pity she did not experience Isla Mujeres! The taxi that took her to the airport dropped Danny and me at the big supermarket and we bought what we would need up to Key West, provided the weather would be good to leave in the next few days.

Back at the marina the wind abated; we saw single digit values on the wind gauge and decided to go and anchor out, near town.


Of course, once we we out the wind came back and we had a bit of a rolly night; maybe a good thing to shed the spoiling effect of marina habits.

29.11.15 – Sunday – We woke up with the feeling that we were going to Isla Mujeres “come what may” but nothing was dramatic. The first 20 miles were done motor-sailing with just the main at first reef against 15-18 knots of wind. Five miles before reaching Cancun we caught a nice Mahi-Mahi. Reaching Cancun, we turned about 50 degrees to port, opened the jib, shut the engines down and had a great sail all the way to Isla Mujeres entrance. I called Milagro marina, where I thought of entering, on V.H.F but got no reply. Sunday. Hey! Why do we need the marina tonight? We’ll anchored in the bay for free, go there tomorrow and get their help with the checkout procedure.

Isla Mujeres is a big tourist attraction; one of the things they do is cram a lot people on catamarans for a boating spin. Loud music, girls wearing bikinis, guys inflating their chests – they are having fun.


We went ashore for internet and looked at the weather. I was bent on going on Tuesday, December 1st arriving Key West on the 4th; on the 5th the forecast showed strong easterly coming, which made the weather window a bit narrow. Danny said:”Why not go tomorrow, just after we finish with the authorities?” Good idea! That’s what we’d be trying to do.

Going from Isla Mujeres to Eastern Florida you have to take the Gulfstream into consideration; has a tag for the gulfstream data.


Looking at it we understood that we would have to go due north up to 23 30 N and then turn east to a point north of Cuba before taking up course to Key West. I’ll report how it went when we get there.

30.11.15 – Monday – In the morning we dinghied to marina El Milagro. The same guys I met here in April 2008, Jaime and Julio, are still here. Julio is the man who will help us check out of Mexico. He took our papers, helped me fill some forms and said the immigration officer will come to the marina at 1100.

20151130_105823 - Copy 

We went for a walk in town, coming back to the marina a few minutes before 1100, wondering whether the Mexican bureaucracy will surprise us. It did! The immigrations officer came on time, did all the necessary form filling and passport stamping and wished us a good trip. The cost for Julio’s service, including all payments to the authorities, came up to 70$. For me, not having to go through what we experienced in Cozumel, it was a very good deal.

So, we’ll have lunch here, top up on fuel and water and be on our way. Next post will hopefully be published from the USA.

Until then – Adios from Danny and Miki on Two Oceans.


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