Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 16, 2016

M&M part 2

11.3.16 – Friday – The last post came up to March 1st; I was hoping to finish all work in a few days, but everything moved ever so slowly. Today we reached an important milestone – the engine drive leak project came to an end. Randy arranged for a special sleeve that did the job instead of replacing the whole shaft at a much bigger cost. On the other hand, the depth gauge is still not working. The fish-finder solution was not successful. Investigating the matter on the web I found out that the in-hull transducers are not supposed to work on a cored hulls, that is foam between two fiberglass layers. Didn’t Ricardo know that? A ray of hope shone when Raymarine support indicated to Ricardo that there may be a way to revive the old transducer. I’ve already decided that if this option fails, I’ll lift the boat out, in spite of the cost and install a normal, through the hull sensor.

14.3.16 – Monday – Above mentioned option did not work. Ordered through hull transducer and will lift the boat out.

Gili arrived late at night. Waze took us for a ride in the wrong direction on the way to the boat; no wonder – because there is a similarly named address in Fort Lauderdale. Got back close to midnight.

15.3.16 – Tuesday – The travel lift at Broward boatyard will only become available Thursday. Juda drove to Fort Lauderdale in the morning to find a boatyard that would be able to lift us today. He called just as we were having breakfast. “Start the engines and come quickly to Harbour Towne marina in Dania Cut”. At that moment the tide was at its lowest and after untying and taking out the stern anchors, all filthy and muddy from two months on the bottom, we went out, glancing the bottom thrice. We motored north on the intracoastal waterway, passing all those opening and fixed bridges right into the waiting travel lift. The lift-out and replacement of the transducer were done very quickly and efficiently by the team of “Yacht management” and after a short period of cure for the 5200 adhesive sealant, we were lowered back in. The whole thing took about two hours.

I started the engines to go out to the adjacent dock, where we were to spend the night; as per my habits I checked to see whether water was coming out of the exhausts and to my surprise I saw none at the port one. Docked quickly, shut the engine down and went investigating. It turned out something was blocking the inlet filter. Opened it and discovered a small fish!

IMG_0862 - Copy

In the evening Ricardo came and to my surprise again connected the new transducer to the fish-finder I wanted him to remove. We got depth alright but why do I need the superfluous 350$ box? I won’t get into details but I had to agree to that arrangement, otherwise we would have had to wait some more in Miami and we want to GO!

16.316 – Wednesday – Last preparation before leaving. With the time lost we had to change our voyage plan. We will give up the Cayman Islands and Gili will fly home from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Tonight we’ll have dinner at Juda’s place. He likes to cook and prefers it to a restaurant meal.

A few words about Juda: the man is a Hurricane, always on the move. He is extremely generous; you innocently mention something that you need and he’ll rush to one of his treasures and come up with the article. “My house is your house” he says. He let me use his cars, Range Rover or Corvette, pick your choice. He is constantly on the phone, conversing, texting and searching the web, even while driving. Being a one man operation he is under a lot of pressure and likes it that way. To an onlooker it all seems a bit disorganized but he gets the business rolling and the work done. Overcoming my fear of adding to his workload, I’ll publish his contact information: 1 954 4488088;, the company is called “Octopus Marine”.

Tomorrow morning we’ll leave for Bimini in the Bahamas; it’s a 50 miles leg, crossing the gulfstream. Next post – from the Bahamas; stay tuned!

Adios from Gili and Miki on Two Oceans.


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