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Back on the boat–part 2

20.9.16 – Tuesday – A good day! Jeff came to work; the starboard engine, which was disconnected from the drive to find the breakages, was reconnected in order to stabilize it for the trip to the haul-out facility. The next step would be accomplished when the needed parts arrive from the U.S. Jeff would then assemble the “Ebay” bought section of the drive and make it ready for the mechanic who will complete the repair. Happy to see him working, I made a pizza and invited him to join me. After lunch he went on to clean the engines heat-exchangers. So finally some progress in the right direction is made.

21.9.16 – Wednesday – A lovely morning with no work planned, so I took the SUP and paddled for an hour and a half to the east side of Isla Carenero and back. Having found a Yoga place in town I wanted to go to a class starting at 1815 and had the main meal of the day at noon. Meal and cleanup finished I went for a nap. All the hatches were open in celebration of the fair and dry weather and then the unavoidable happened; I was awakened by the sound of the rain hitting the boat and the wind shrieking. I rushed out in my underwear and in the deluge closed all ports. The rain continued all through the evening so no Yoga class.

22.9.16 – Thursday – Jeff told me that yesterday some boats dragged anchors out in the bay when the squall hit. This morning the weather allowed going out so I went to the Yoga class; the place is run by a young woman called Laura Kay ( and although her style was a bit different than what I am used to, I really enjoyed it. She is also a photographer and her site contains some interesting pictures.


                        Laura Kay

The parts from the U.S are only going to arrive late next week so I’ll be able to take at least two more classes. 

23-28.9.16 – This is the waiting game; I go to yoga classes, I go out with the SUP, do some small jobs on the boat and under it (cleaning the bottom and especially the port prop) and doing anagram crossword puzzles.

29.9.16 – Thursday – Went diving with La Buga dive club. They took me and a young couple on this Trimaran.

20160929_081359 - Copy 

The young ones were on beginners course and had their own instructor and I did my dives with Reynaldo, a young divemaster who was very good at finding interesting creatures in spite of the big quantity of plankton reducing the visibility. I was happy to be underwater again and seeing a Toad-fish, which I have never seen before, made it a real good dive.

30.9.16 – Friday – Jeff came and after charging the starboard starting battery started the engine and flushed the heat exchanger. He left his tools on the boat, a thing I took as a promise to come early next morning to continue working. He discovered a metal oil pipe supplying some accessories on the engine corroded and leaking, so that should be taken off and repaired or replaced. A pity he did not find it before, I could have ordered it and have it with the same package that is just coming. Was informed by the marina that my parts would arrive in the evening to be picked up tomorrow.

1.10.16 – Saturday – 0800, 0900 – where is Jeff? The parts are already on the boat! At 1000 I called his phone – no answer; I left a message. At 1100 I decided to walk around the marina and look for the man. There he is sitting in his boat, conversing merrily on the phone! I waited patiently and was told that he was at a party last night and came back late. “When will you come to my boat?” “I’ll just go to that guy I promised to take care of his fuel tank and then I’ll come over”.

He came at 1350. to his credit I will say that the moment he comes he does good work. He finished preparing the port engine for the trip to Shelter Bay in Colon, which is where I decided to take the boat out.

2.10.16 – Sunday – Jeff finished the work on the new upper part of the drive and it is now ready, once the boat is out of the water, to be connected to the lower part and return “Two Oceans” to her twin engine normal configuration.

IMG_1201 - Copy

Looking at the weather it seems that the best day to leave Bocas would be Wednesday. I will make one stop in Escudo de Veraguas and then go through the night to Colon and Shelter Bay marina. Who knows, maybe Russell, the electrician, would come tomorrow and do some of the things on his list.

3.10.16 – Monday – I met Russell around 1000; the man seemed to be nursing a bad hangover. It was clear he was in no mood or condition to come and work. I went to the office to advise them that I would leave in the afternoon. I prepared to go to town for some shopping and just as I entered the water taxi I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to get a Zarpe – the sailing permit – to go to Colon. Rushed to the boat to take the ships papers and passport and showed up at the port captain’s office. A lot of forms were filled and signed by all parties; I had to pay 1.5$, yes, a dollar and fifty cents and then got the coveted document.

Half an hour before the marina staff were to come and pull me out of the dock I started my only operating engine. After changing the water separator filter we did not run the engine enough and I wanted to make sure that it ran well. Sure enough, after five minutes it died down. Jeff was around, came by and bled the air from the system. We ran the engine additional thirty minutes to make sure it was O.K and then the crew came and pulled me into a position from which I could motor out by myself to an anchorage near two other catamarans. I felt as if I was released from captivity; what a relief!

IMG_1202 - Copy


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