Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 31, 2017

A Personal Loss

29.1.17 – Sunday – After hitting the rocks in Canas Island (full report follows) we came back to the La Playita anchorage. Yossi and I were working on a batten that escaped from its housing in the mainsail and at a certain moment, coming into the cockpit, I saw Gili talking on the phone and even without her saying a thing I understood. Gili’s mother health deteriorated during the last year. The energetic grandmother Dinah, who was blessed with grand and great grand children became very ill, lost the ability to live the way she wanted to and after a prolonged period of suffering passed away, saved from further misery. She was 93 years old. We actually discussed that possibility before we left on this trip and made decisions we now followed; we made arrangements for Gili to go back home, I would have to stay on the boat and once the boat is repaired, go to Ecuador as planned.

Rest in peace Grandma Dinah, you’ll always be on our minds.


                     Grandma Dinah at her 90th birthday



  1. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and the boat. I hope everything goes well.

    • Thanks Michael,
      Boat will be fine shortly.

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