Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 25, 2017

Back in Polynesia–part 2

19.10.17 – Thursday – The first part of this post should have been called “The battle with Marine Warehouse”. The day before yesterday (Florida time) I sent my request for parts to Jonathan of Marine Warehouse. I got an email with a price estimate (about 600$) and a request to pay by wire transfer. After correcting a mistake they made in the parts list I sent a mail asking them to use my credit card, stressing the necessity for fast action. To my surprise I got an answer refusing the use of my card, citing a case in which they sent me a wrong part to Panama which I returned to them via their representative there and was refunded through my visa card.

This was very strange and unreasonable; I simply failed to see the connection to my present order. I requested a revised estimate and sent a mail to the “responsible adult” of the company, Albert, who is Jonathan father, saying “just pass the card and see if the payment goes through”. I did not get an answer and trying to phone the man led me twice to his voice box. I left messages to contact me but there was no response. I rang Juda Tzynder who has a Yacht Management business called Octopus Marine in Miami and was a big help in the past. “Juda, I need your help” I told him the story. “Send the list, I’ll take care of it”.

This morning I got a mail from Jonathan, again forgetting (perhaps intentionally?) to send a revised estimate and yet again stating their refusal to use my card because “you can say you got the wrong part and demand your money back”. They do not trust me, do not accept my credit card – just say you don’t want me as a customer! I certainly do not want to use their services again. I sent the list to Juda and crossing my fingers am waiting for results.

20.10.17 – Friday – During the day I tried to contact Juda; phone, email – no joy. I’ll just have to wait patiently. In the meantime I did a few things on the boat including, in an optimistic mood, the installation of the port anode and propeller.

In the evening I went to an event related to the “Immaculate Conception” in which the schools kids performed songs and dances; an improvised kitchen sold food and soft drinks. The mayor gave a short speech, children were running around making a hell of a racket which nobody cared about and everybody, from babies to the elderly, had fun.

IMG_2492 - Copy

IMG_2480 - Copy - Copy

IMG_2485 - Copy

It was amazing and finny to see such young girls moving their hips vigorously just like professional Hula dancers.

22.10.17 – Weekend – Waiting for Monday and the beginning of the working week in which, hopefully, the parts would arrive, engine would be reinstalled and painting the antifouling would be finished. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that Two Oceans would go back to the water on Friday. More info tomorrow.

23.10.17 – Monday – I tried to call Juda – the man does not answer. I asked Gili to send him a message on Whatsapp and this was successful. He was at sea somewhere without cellular reception but did get Gili’s message. He said the package was sent on Saturday using UPS and promised to send a tracking number. In my imagination I saw the parts arriving on Tuesday and launching on Friday, great!

24.10.17 – Tuesday – Another message from Juda was that the parts would arrive on Thursday; the tracking number was sent a little later but when we called the UPS agent in Tahiti they said they couldn’t find it in their system. Juda was adamant that number was correct and I decided not to stress the point. I spoke to Cowan, the UPS agent and sent them an email with my and Vincent’s phone numbers. It’ll get here when it gets here. A reasonable scenario, taking the weekend into consideration points at a launch not before next Thursday, the 2nd of November. My big problem now is that Itzik, my good old friend, who is in New Zealand now is supposed to come to Hiva Oa this Thursday. I called and gave him the information, he’ll have to make some decisions.

To be continued…


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