Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 19, 2018

“Two Oceans” is for Sale!

18.4.18 -  This is what I wrote in the February 2018 post: “Flying back to the boat was accompanied this time with mixed feelings. The trip from Nuku Hiva to Israel took four days and both of us, Gili and I, came to the conclusion that we were not comfortable with such long distances. The original plan I made at the end of 2016 for the Pacific voyage called for staying in Polynesia during 2017 and 2018, then in 2019 – with me reaching the ripe age of 77 – sail to Australia and sell the boat. Now the idea of trying to sell her in Tahiti this year (there is a yacht brokerage here: and perhaps buying a cat in the Med has crept into our minds.”

During my stay in the Marquesas I got in touch with the Raiatea-Yacht brokerage, gave them the particulars of the boat and signed an agreement with them. On April 10th, just before embarking on the long flights back home, I visited their office in Taina marina near Papeete and spoke to Melodie Akad who runs their office over there. They are going to put our boat on their web-site and on and try to sell her. The plan is to put the boat in one of the marinas in Tahiti in July – we’re not sure where yet.

The agreement is that I can sell the boat directly, so if anybody is interested – do get in touch. (  For the boat’s particulars look at the “the boat” section right below the picture on the home page. Asking price is 180K U.S$.

As I wrote before – this is done with mixed feelings but maybe it’s time to do it…




  1. יחסרו הפוסטים שלך,

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