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Accidents Happen

20.7.18 – Friday – Gili and Yaron arrived at the dock at 1230, both tired and hungry after their very long flights. They waited for me in the restaurant nearby and I came to the dock and tied up using a stern anchor to prevent the dinghy being crashed against the clam encrusted wall by the big surge.

IMG_3250 - Copy

                                            Gili and Yaron

By the time we finished lunch it seemed as if the surge situation became easier, still, we entered the dinghy precariously and when we wanted to lift the stern anchor we discovered that it was lodged to something on the bottom. I tied its line to the dock’s ladder and motored to the boat.

Later in the day the sea became much calmer, I decided to overcome my laziness and go ashore to fill water. There are two ladders attached to the quay wall, one has handles that go higher than the surface of the dock, making it easy to climb and the other one ends at the floor level – requiring more effort to use.

IMG_3246 - Copy

Since many yachties used the relative calm to go ashore and the area around the good ladder was full I tied to the “bad” one. Surge was still present. I pulled the water pipe to the dinghy, filled up the jerry-cans and went up to put it back and close the tap.

I descended the ladder, positioned the dinghy below me, put one foot on it and when I lowered the other one towards it, the water and the dinghy simply disappeared below with the outgoing surge. With my feet in the air and the slippery metal ladder I fell down, instinctively holding the ladder tightly with my arms. I felt myself going into the water and a sharp pain in my right arm. Completely wet I boarded the ladder, took my now inundated cellular phone out of my pocket and glanced at my right arm. What I saw was an ugly, deep gash caused by razor sharp clams adhering to the bottom of the ladder; I immediately understood that it was not a self-help wound. I needed a hospital.

I came up to the Vaeaki restaurant showing my bleeding arm; the owner just said “Hopital” and asked one of the women there to take me to it. At one of the tables sat a man from a yacht near us and I asked him to tell Gili and Yaron about what happened. In the hospital I received fantastic treatment; a lady doctor stitched my arm and when she finished she counted the stitches reaching the number 15.

IMG_1803 - Copy

                         Taken two days after the fall

My treatment and a bit of paper signing took close to two hours after which I was released to go back to the boat and asked to show up again the next morning for a check-up. By the time I came to the dock the area of the good ladder was free; I dragged my dinghy over, gingerly descended into it and motored to Two Oceans where Gili and Yaron waited anxiously.

All I can say is – shit happens and laziness can sometime keep you safe! 

21.7.18 – Saturday – At 0830 Gili ( who loves hospital programs on T.V) and I entered the hospital. A male nurse took off my bandage and started cleaning my wound. Suddenly I felt woozy and in no time woke up as if from a deep slumber – I fainted! That brought about a series of tests that came up negative (good in medicine lingo) and a decision by the doctor for us to stay one more day in Taiohae (we wanted to leave to another bay) and visit the hospital again on Sunday. We received a list of equipment to buy at the pharmacy and a treatment schedule for when we go to other islands.

22.7.18 – Sunday – Another hospital visit; frankly I was worried that the show I performed yesterday would be replayed but all went well, the nurse briefing Gili about the use off the different items necessary for cleaning and bandaging my arm as he went along doing it. A nurse in the office had me sign a paper that was related to the payment for their services. Since it was Sunday and we planned to go to another bay and other islands she accepted that we make the payment when we come back to Nuku Hiva next month.

By 1045 we upped anchor and motored out of the bay to go to Anahu on the northeast of the island and hopefully to better experiences.



  1. שמור על עצמך ילד!!!

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