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Maintenance Finish and Launch!

Published two posts at the same time. Scroll down to see the previous one!

5.8.19 – Monday – Painting start was delayed because I needed paint thinner and a few rollers. One characteristic of the antifouling paint is that shortly after you open the can it begins to thicken and you must add thinner to be able to continue. Marc, without whom I cannot get anywhere, had other things on his schedule and I had to wait (doing other jobs) until about 1000. Going with Marc in his car is a bit scary; the passenger window was broken in an accident and a piece of plastic, barely transparent, replaces it. Marc is a smoker and the ashtray is full of old reeking butts. Frankly, with what he charges for his services it’s a wonder he can keep a car at all.

20190729_101256 - Copy

The late start, 1100, and the fact that I had to have a sort of lunch and some rest made it impossible to finish both hulls until 1700, when the light became too low. Looking at my work list I am delaying the launch to Thursday.

6.8.19 – Tuesday – Finished painting the hulls. Found place for all the tools, paints and other stuff that were scattered around the cockpit and was finally able to wash it in fresh water. We did not have connection to fresh water pipe since our time on the hard in Hiva Oa at the beginning of 2018. Next on the agenda – repair the dinghy. I don’t have great hopes about that; a new dinghy should be purchased. I spoke with David Allouch, the Tahiti rep of the Australian brokerage Multihulls Solutions. He is coming Friday morning to see the boat. I probably mentioned this before: If we sell here we’ll buy a cat in the Med. If not – we’ll put her on a ship (at horrendous price) that will take her to the Med.

Talking to a a young man who is also on the hard I complained about the lack of internet. “All you have to do is ask Yvan, he’ll give you the password”. The marina WiFi does not show at our location in the yard and seeing yachties go to the dive club for it made me think the marina was internetless.

7.8.19 – Wednesday – Day of cleaning the boat inside out. I worked with special acid to clean the waterline. In preparation for living offshore I shopped for food thinking about less frequent visits to Carrefour and started the freezer to keep the perishables safe for consumption. Got internet but only on my smartphone; got to speak to Yvan about that.

The most difficult part of the day was paying the marina’s bill. The boat was on the hard for two weeks and four days; had I specified at the beginning that I wanted to stay a full month I would have paid about 120$ LESS. Those things have their own logic which is not always aimed at the benefit of the client. In the afternoon the launching trailer was positioned between the hulls. I’m starting to plan the next moves.

8.8.19 – Thursday – The story of launching in pictures:

20190808_101114 (2)

                     Trailer positioned between the hulls

20190808_101248 - Copy

Yvan arranges the supports

20190808_110233 - Copy

                 It’s raining as she goes out – note the rainbow

20190808_112131 (2) - Copy

                                    A bit narrow, isn’t it?

20190808_113355 - Copy

Almost there but here I had to go on board and stopped taking pictures

Finally in the water! We tied the boat to this rickety dock and I can stay here until Sunday morning; I’ll check the weather and decide. Oh, being in the water does not really mean the end of Big M. When starting the port engine it’s big alternator did not work. Nicolas, who was supposed to come for the launching, called me to say he was needed at some more important emergencies but did come at 1645 to check the engines. Tomorrow he’ll be back for the alternator.

9.8.19 – Friday – A bit after eight o’clock I easily connected to the WiFi near Carrefour; alas, it was quite slow. I succeeded downloading mail and forecast but publishing a post was not successful. Back at the boat I waited for David Allouch to arrive. David stayed almost two hours on the boat, taking pictures of every nook and cranny and explaining the procedures for the sale.

20190809_143048 - Copy

David is a very nice person and seems to be very good at what he does. I do wish both of us success in selling Two Oceans. After he left I started thinking about things I would take home when I leave (I would not be required to be present here for a sale) and became somewhat sad.

Nicolas took the alternator; he will take it to Dieselec in Papeete and try to get a quote for it’s repair.

I made a plan for the next few days and would be advancing slowly clockwise around the island to Papeete and then to Moorea.


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