Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 10, 2019


1.9.19 – Sunday – A few days ago when I spoke with Gili I told her:“Do you realize that after I leave here Tuesday we may not see Two Oceans ever again?” This is a sad feeling; I’m O.K with not seeing French Polynesia again in this incarnation but the ties to our boat are much deeper, it’s not like changing your car. I also said that I felt a little bit like I did when we ended the circumnavigation; an end to a fantastic chapter in life, a chapter full of experiences and adventures. The question:”What now” had risen then and received an easy answer. It is not the same today. We are at a crossroad and are not sure where the future will take us. I’ll be 78 next January and although I can still pull the mainsail up to the first reef by hand and do the Pincha Maiura yoga asana, my age is a thing to be considered. Right now we are sure to continue sailing; I cannot imagine my life without owning and cruising a cat.

There are two basic scenarios; the first – the boat will be sold here and we buy another catamaran in the Med.  Gili, who does not believe a sale in Tahiti would go through, supports the second possibility: transporting the boat by ship to the Med. That would mean that we stay with the old girl until the end of our sailing life, which is all right by me, even though I am a bit curious about owning a newer cat.

And what about the blog? Is this the one post before the last?

So this is how things stand now. I can only close this epilogue with the immortal words from an old song by Doris Day (remember her?):

“Que sera sera, what ever will be will be”

From Miki, leaving French Poly – Adios.


  1. I will be sad to see you finish sailing, but understand the reasons why you feel you need to sell now or transport to Med. Hope it all goes well.

    • Hi Michael, the idea is to go on sailing in the Med!

  2. never say never !!! look ahead – the weather is good with a lot of light, good wind and – more important – good spirit. I have seen you overcoming all sort of difficulties – you will also this time and more!!!
    We all love you
    Ilana & Moshe
    Mono-hull Imagine-Lee

  3. Hi Miki, we met in Moorea…. hope everything is fine with you.
    We are curious how you transported „all your stuff“ back home or did you leave with ohne suitcase only?
    All the best
    SY Imagine Austria

    • Hi V&W – just one bag… will have to buy new stuff in the future.

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