This is the on going story of catamaran “Two Oceans” owned by myself, Miki Barzam and my wife Gili, from Caesarea, Israel.





After flying airplanes for 45 years, I retired on February 2007 and began realising my dream of sailing around the world. Gili, who finds some aspects of long range sailing difficult, especially being away from the family – old parents, children and grandchildren – is visiting for a few weeks at a time.

I aim to describe our progress as we go along and hopefully this will be of interest to sailing enthusiasts as well as to people who like Nature, Travel and Adventure.

April 2014 – On April 1st  I completed my circumnavigation, crossing the line we sailed in 2007 between Tobago and Trinidad. Those were seven fantastic years, during which I crossed the Pacific, Indian and South Atlantic oceans on board “Two Oceans”. A lot of my friends are asking the question I was asking myself as the finish line came closer and closer: “What next?”          There is no need to make big plans or decisions right now but we will certainly go on sailing and spending a lot of time on the boat!




  1. Nice to hear about your adventures via our friend Fuxi.
    All the best, keep moving,

  2. Kol ha kavod Miki, your dream is now a reality – well done!!!
    Love, hugs & kisses, Danielle

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