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  1. הי,הגעתי לאתר שלכם בטעות לאחר שגוגל הפנה אותי לליניקים בנושא קטאמרן

    מאחלת לכם להנות מכל רגע.אני גם כרגע בקורס סקיפרים כך שאני יכולה להבין את ההנאה מהשיט

    שנה טובה


  2. Bonjour j espere que vs parlez Francais ..ns ns sommes croises en NZ et depuis ns suivons la meme route mais vs avez toujours un mois d avance …je voudrais vs poser qqs questions sur Palau …..Combien avez vs paye pour tous les droits d entree a Palau ???est ce que ca vaut vraiment le coup de venir a Palau????? Merci de me repondre Ns partons sur les Philippines pour la fin d annee peut etre ns vs rencontrerons …A bientot de vs lire ….Catabb66|

  3. Hello Mr and Mrs Barzam(Miki and Gili); I’ve been reading your blogs and adventures with great enthusiasm! I’m not a qualified sailor ….yet, but my wife and I are working on it. I actually retired in 2002, at an early age, (50) and didn’t last much more than 3 months before I went back to work. My wife retired several years back and we’ve been jointly taking sailing classes and have done one 7 day charter excursion in Tortola- monohull. It was a great experience and I want to continue, but if we’re going to really indulge I’m thinking catamaran. Your experiences on a catamaran are what drew me to your blogs. How great to read your postings and experiences. Outside of flying of Gili in and out of ports, and excluding maintenance expenses, what’s your best guess on monthly cost of living? You’ve been on the water a great while, do you take breaks along the way, or do you tie up at times and fly home for a break? Not to be nosey but these seem like important considerations if you’re going to actually live on the water.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write your “stuff” so that wanabe’s like me can indulge in interesting readings…….. I wish you all the luck and safe travels. I would like to stay in touch if that’s okay with you.

    Sincerely, Ken

  4. Miki. thanks for the response. I’ll be tracking your progress on the google.gps fix. I really like your “reality show” here….lol. Let me know if you ever get up the Chesapeake Bay. I’ll buy you dinner if you don’t mind my wife and I wanting to listen to your experiences. All good. Congratulations on getting on with your dream. “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. Ken

  5. happy b-day Miki and the best of wishes.
    regards to Gili.
    Rina and Matti.

  6. Hi Miki, I’m Ellen, a friend of Joel. I’ll be joining friends on a yacht in Sep/Oct. We’ll be cruising Fiji’s Mamanuca and Yasawa island groups. Have you been there? I read some of your blogs. What cruise guide did you use? Does it contain Fiji?

    All the best from Nataf to Caesarea, Ellen

  7. Hi you do a superb and very intetesting site. If I understand correctly, you have a Maxim catamaran. Now it so happens that thete is one for sale right here where I live in The Netherlands. I get confusing and contradictory reports about its sailing characteristics. I would value your opinion, especially about sailing close by the wind and the performance in light winds. If you have any figures, you would help me out a lot. Thanks very much, Robert

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