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Two Oceans has Arrived!

21.7.2020 – Tuesday – Following the ship on the web I saw her entering the Limassol bay.

Screenshot 2020-07-21 15.57.23

In the evening I received a call from the SevenStars loadmaster in Limassol advising me that our boat would be offloaded at 0900 the next day.

22.7.2020 – Wednesday – At home with no real-time information there was a lot of stress. Costas, the skipper, suddenly needed my address and phone numbers in Israel; Chris, the man dealing with customs clearance, wanted our passport photos and some proof that we are actually living in Israel (things he has already received before), in a further call he wanted to know where on the boat he would be able to find the hull number. At 1146 I got the following whatsapp picture from Gregory, the local SvenStars agent with the title:” Off she goes”.


What a relief! I still have to get a call from Costas, saying that she is secure in the marina.

At 1300 I received a mail from the marina with an invoice for a month stay for Two Oceans; does this mean she is already there? A message to Costas and his reply confirmed the fact. Later he sent a picture of our boat at her berth in the marina.


Thus ended the saga of Two Oceans’ transport from Tahiti to Cyprus. The question now is when would we be able to join her? Time and the Corona virus will tell.

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On the way to the Med–part 3

24.6.2020 – Wednesday – We received the following update about the progress of the ship carrying Two Oceans and there was a new destination in it:

Destination ports:

SAILED  Palm Beach FL, USA pilot  20th June – 07:10hrs lt

ETA  Southampton, UK pilot  2nd July – 07:00hrs lt  AGW WP (all going well, weather permitting)

ETA  Gibraltar pilot  8/9th July  AGW WP

ETA  Palma de Mallorca, Spain pilot  10/11th July  AGW WP

ETA  Valletta, Malta pilot pilot  13/14th July  AGW WP

ETA  Limassol, Cyprus pilot pilot  17/18th July  AGW WP

The moment I saw that last line I called Peter Staalsmid, my contact at SevenStars and when there was no answer I sent him the following email:

Dear Peter,

Just got the latest Minervagracht ETAs and I see she goes all the way to Limassol, Cyprus. Would it be possible to offload Two Oceans there?

25.6.2020 – Thursday – Mail from Peter:

We will try, let me get back to you soon with hopefully positive news.

26.6.2020 – Friday – Mail from Peter:

Herewith I confirm we will discharge Two Oceans in Limassol

(his emoji)

It has been changed in our systems and on the stow plan.

Kind regards,


That was really good news; according to the news networks it meant we would be able to go to Cyprus and join our boat.

3.7.2020 – Friday – Our joy was shattered by a steep rise in the number of corona virus positive people in our country. Travel to Cyprus would not be possible in the near future. We made contact with someone in Limassol who would receive Two Oceans for us and put her in a marina. Latest ETA -  the 21th.


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Two Oceans crossing the Canal on the ship

22.6.2020 – Monday – Peter Staalsmid of the SevenStars company sent me a picture of Two Oceans crossing the Panama Canal on board MV Minervagracht. This was probably taken at the first lock on the Pacific side, still is daylight. She is on the left of the big Lagoon catamaran.


The ship has already left Palm Beach Florida to Southampton U.K, ETA 2.7 and 10.7 Palma.

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